Boaters warned to be vigilant as water released from Lake Buffalo

Wednesday 22 February, 2017

Recreational users of Lake Buffalo are warned to take extra care as the water storage is gradually drawn down for planned maintenance works to take place.

Goulburn-Murray Water (GMW) will progressively reduce the volume in Lake Buffalo over the next five weeks to allow for the refurbishment of the storage’s spillway gates and operating equipment.

The storage is currently at 79 per cent capacity and GMW is planning to draw down Lake Buffalo to 47 per cent by the end of March. Drawing the storage down to 47 per cent of capacity will not impact on the water available for customers this season.

The lower water level will ensure safe access to the spillway gates during the maintenance works.

GMW is asking recreational users to make themselves aware of the storage level and any hazards that may be exposed as the lake is drawn down.

“We advise recreational users to be vigilant over this period, particularly those unfamiliar with Lake Buffalo,” GMW Regional Manager Martina Cusack said.

“This is a small water storage and it will become quite shallow in places.”

Daily water releases are planned to vary between 200 and 700 ML per day from now until the end of March. This will result in modest rises in the Buffalo River.

The spillway gates are being refurbished as part of a $3 million, two-year project that began in 2016. The refurbishment of Lake Buffalo’s spillway gates and hoists will ensure the storage will continue to harvest and store water to meet the needs of customers and enhance the safety of downstream communities.

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