A plan for our future

We need to make significant changes to our business and our delivery network to ensure it is sustainable in the future. Managing the network to match water delivery is critical to our region’s success. However, we also know this change will be challenging.

To ensure our customers, the agricultural industry and our communities understand why GMW has to make changes we need to work with them to plan our future. We will develop a strategic plan that sets our direction in the next five, 10 and 30 years. We’ll do this with our customers, our communities and the agricultural industry to ensure they all have input into what and how we change. Our Water Services Committees and new Strategic Advisory Committee will play a key role in this process.

Our goal – and the reason’s we’re taking this collaborative approach – is to work together to ensure the future prosperity of our business and our region. We need our farmers, our communities and the agricultural industry to understand change is essential – it’s needed to ensure the future of our region.

Why are we developing a new Strategic Plan?

The most significant challenge facing our business and our customers are the impacts of climate change and water availability. We know the impacts of these challenges threaten its viability. The figures cannot be disputed. The delivery network was designed to deliver 2,500GL of water each year and today at its peak delivers just 1,400GL.

There are further risks from competition for water in new markets and our business is further challenged by our aging infrastructure. What sets our region apart is the $2 billion Connections Project that is creating a world-class delivery network in our region. For irrigators, this means water becomes available almost on demand and consistent flow rates are helping improve farm productivity. No other region can boast this investment in infrastructure.

Our delivery network is also set up to ensure farmers have the flexibility to manage their needs. Our farmers have the ability to buy water from outside the region and use it to grow their world-leading produce. We know this is happening, in the 2015-16 irrigation season 230GL of water was traded into the region.

GMW’s challenge is to ensure we have the services and infrastructure to allow our customers to take advantage of this flexibility. To ensure they remain in the region – or come back.

Our planning process

Developing our strategic plan will take some time, but we’re planning for the next five, 10 and 30 years, so we need to get it right.

There are four steps in our strategic planning process. These are:

  • Identifying our opportunities and challenges
  • Developing a strategy for the future
  • Consulting on our draft strategy for the future
  • Finalising our strategic plan.

Working together

This is a plan for GMW’s future and it affects our entire region, so we want to gather as much feedback and knowledge as possible. We believe working together will help our business achieve far better outcomes for our region than it could by working alone.

Get involved

We developed a community board on our GMW Business webpage where customers posted ideas, thoughts and feedback on what they identified as future challenges and contribute to future opportunities. The community board ran in parallel with the topic workshop we outlined. We encourage you to read our Draft Strategic Plan and submit your feedback, or you can email us at ourfuture@gmwater.com.au